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About Pleasant and Sons Construction

Pleasant and Sons is a solutions oriented company that specializes in small to large scale complex utility projects with an emphasis on turn-key solutions for telecommunications companies.

As a whole, our team has a combined 100+ years of field experience in the utility and construction sector. The company was started by it's current owners Mr. Steven Pleasant, a retired United States veteran, and his wife Tammy, out of Kentucky. It quickly grew large with the help of his three sons, Samson, Jonathan and Levi. The massive amount of growth and construction in the Midwest fueled the company's expansion into the Southwest Missouri market and is currently headquartered in Republic Missouri an hour away from the borders of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas.

From there, the company has expanded into doing work for several different utilities, communications companies and municipalities in several of the states surrounding Missouri, including Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas and all the way up to North Dakota.

Our Vision.


Our vision is simple, to the point and effective. We have the equipment, the know-how and the experience to take care of small and large complex jobs alike at a competitive cost structure.

Our goals are to manage large scale maintenance contracts in the region, and be a one-stop shop for utility and communications solutions for all small to large scale utilities and construction companies alike.

Our vision 2030 is to become a long haul telecommunications provider that will provide an essential function of being a switched toll-carrier for our region, and expand into the rest of the market by connecting the United States from the Pacific into the Atlantic

Company Profile.


Pleasant and Sons is an EOE and operates both In-House placing crews and also utilizes a wide network of quality and productive sub-contractors in the region. Our company owns a wide array of construction equipment, from plows to trenching equipment and several bore machines.

We are bonded, licensed and insured to work in several different states and for several different utilities and municipatlities.

Pleasant and Sons meets Federal qualification guidelines as a minority owned company that will add to your company's EOE and minority inclusion structure.

Meet the Team

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